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2013 Newsletter Summary

Hi ALL WOnderful Friends

Please let me know if you want to receive my 2013 Newsletter. I don't know how to attach it here.  Patch Adams in Virginia 01/01/2014 , UMKC - Phd, Two of my best neighborhood buddies, & my best work buddies with me in Hawaii.  ALpine training for UTMB in France and my patio flowers from a close friend.

HAPPY AWESOME 2014 to all.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Post Deca Difference Report

WoW Followers

8 Weeks later and I am only just starting to digest the many lessons and experiences of my Deca Iron attempt in June this year. Thankfully my wonderful tri coach warned me to take it easy until end of July. Further advice was given to me after 4 weeks by an experienced Deca triathlete that it would take at least to mid August. This was not what I wanted to hear as I had plans for Mount Tam double. My body and mind was thrilled.

There is so much to write it may take a few different attempts. Feel free to e mail me for further specific questions that may not get answered here.

Logistics: Website: has plenty of photos
Location:  SOuthern England outside Bournemouth on an Activity center.
Terrain: Swim: Lake 13 laps. Fatigue is an interesting feature how it exacerbates hypothermia making you want to wear 3 layers of clothing under a wetsuit. This is what all the experienced deca racers advised.
Time: Daily 06h00 am start, 22 hour cut off for this particular event  because of the open road cycling sans support not normal for most decas on a closed course such as in Italy and Mexico.
 Bike 10 x 11.5 miles on open roads with horses and cows crossing freely for grass and herding their babies.  Tourists would not be expecting bike racers and enjoyed wathching the scenery rather than the road. The roads had no cycling lanes and were typical country lanes, the bigger roads had narrow one car sections to slow trafffic. There was a good number of cattle guards and hills to climb and descend. The ascent and descent into transition was half mile of one lane with more pot holes than pavement.
Run was a 1.1 mile tough trail. 50 yards steep gradient loose pavement out of transition, 1/4 mile loose gravel steep descent, 1/4 mile mud and slippery bridge, roots, uneven camber, 1/4 mile runnable obstacle course around the trees and 1/4 mile steep ascent that required walking before a final 50 yard treacherous descent avoiding tree roots and more into transition.

Nutrition: Liquid Nutrition before the swim such as Ensure or boost and a bar. Chocolate milk and Chocolate recoverite after the swim and on the bike. Solids with meals but will plan to be more scientific with calorie calculations next time.

Number of athletes: 11 started: 9 males, 2 females, mostly from UK besides one guy from France. The other female had got to day 8 last year. SHe got to day 5 this year. 6 completed all 10 days. 4 of them had not finished the event last year.

Crew: I had one crew member who is a race director for the triple Ironman in Virginia and wanted to see how Europe conduct ultra events. I had others who came to assist through friends of friends and word of mouth.

Highlights: When the sun was out and I was able to think and perform my race plan.

Low moments: When my mind heard and clung to negative imput which affected my performance that I could not override.  Learn to master your mind. It is your strongest weapon and tool for success in all areas of life. I will sharpen this weapon and tool. 

Biggest challenge: understanding the recovery process mentally, physically and emotionally. Far greater in depth and length than any previous event.

Gratitude for the opportunity and all the support shown before,during and after the event meant more than words could ever express. THis is especially meant to ALL my Tri team sheeper mates, My sponsors past and present - special shout out and thanks to ROCKTAPE that prevented me from getting any major injuries and to all the incredible work of Resistance Stretch Guide Kris from Stretchworks for ensuring I was aware of stretches to keep me loose and limber before, during and after the event. Without her advise my recovery may have taken a lot longer.
 My friends, crew and family some of who flew across the globe to support me in numerous ways.  My sister flew to meet me on day 10 in the pouring rain because it was my birthday. I promised her and my brother that I would not be so silly again and my Quote they have recorded is " I am done in more ways than one".  I am debating if I am really ready to retire from the ultra world but......... I need to get back on the horse to finish unfinished business. First we will see how a few hundred milers go and my new sport of a 4 year graduate Nursing PhD program starting in a weeks time.

Thanks for reading and your support. I just found all the wonderful comments too. THey mean a ton to me. SIncere appreciation.

Monday, May 28, 2012

DecaI Ironman Difference 2012

Hi followers and Friends

I am off to my next great adventure for 2012 in 48 hrs. Thanks to so many for making it possible. Thanks to ROcktape for being such a generous and enthusiastic sponsor, I look forward to some fun performance taping and victories. 

This is a ten day event with a choice of ten charities that friends and followers can donate to. If  you dont want to donate money you can swim 2.4 miles each day for ten days or run for ten days in a row or you could even do ten cycling spin sessions, one per day.

Here are the links to the charities. Thanks to my friend Tanja who is helping me formalise my events to benefit charities across the globe.

Support me in my bid to complete the Deca-Ironman by contributing to one of these 10 charities.
Help  make a 'deca-difference' in the lives of children around the world!
(Please note 'Santilhano' on the donation site if possible.)
United States:
Lucille Packard Children's Hospital Foundation -
Make a Wish Foundation (for children with cancer) -
Outward Bound (leadership programs for youth) -
Building Futures Now (after-school tutoring program) -
United Kingdom
Outward Bound -
Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital -
UKYouth( charity of the Decaironman) -
South Africa
Outward Bound -
Red Cross War Memorial Childrens Hospital -
Reach for a Dream Foundation (for children with cancer) -

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Enduroman DecaIronman 10 x 10 -2012

Here is the start to my 2012 blog for my ten ironman distance triathlons to take place from 1 -10 June 2012 in the New Forest National Park in SW ENgland, UK. Google YOu will find pictures of my 2011 Arch to Arc triathlon that I did 36 hrs after my 750 mile Paris Brest Paris bike ride. I am the 9th person and 2nd female to have ever completed solo Arch to Arc.

Why am I starting my blog today: Because my list of people that I am so appreciative has started to the poin that I must express this gratitude. Pictures will be updated as soon as I learn the skills or someone offers to help.
Firstly I would not be doing this had I not been part of a fabulous triathlon team in Menlo Park,CA championed by founder and Coach Tim Sheeper. He has provided a program of base training for all the previous adventures mentioned.

Some may know that my neck got severly locked at work recently. I debated going to ED as the only mobility I had was forward so I felt safe I did not have a major common illness. I decided to wait for the swim workout in 6hrs time which has helped previously but not this time. After swim practise I met a wonderful swimmer who is a physical therapist Katie Kennedy. I now call her my 911 therapist. She literally offered to see me on a weekend and gave me more than I can describe here. Her link and logo will follow shortly. She works with Revolutions infitness In Menlo Park.

I plan to upload a link for fundraising on this page in the near future. My dream is to have 3 Uk charities and 3 US & 3 South African charities ie one charity for each day that people can choose to donate to. There will be at least 3 Childrens Hospitals associated with the event as well as team mates who help me with training such as MaryAnne who got to pick Day 7 while sharing a beautiful Paradise Loop with me in Marin today. She waited until after I completed the Chinatown 10km run. THanks MaryAnne for filing me with endorphins and energy to have a productive evening.

Watch this space and shoot me an email if you can help edit and update this blogger or fundraising or if you know of anyone willing to donate airmiles for me to take one or 2 crew person/s.

Blessings to all readers, Michele

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 Summer adventure x2 = Raam

Well we will see what the next 2 weeks brings besides renewed energy and answers for my career passion I hope.
On 21 Aug I start 750 mile bike from Saint Quentin en Yvelines in France to a coastal town called Brest and back within a 90 hr time period. See my FB for my number and link.

FB will have the updates from Enduroman Arch to Arc triathlon adventure. It starts with 87 mile run from Marble Arch in central london to the coast, EC swim with a wetsuit and then 180 mile bike from Calais into Arc de Triomph in central Paris.

I want to thank each person who has been so encouraging and helpful in my training over the last few weeks. I will run, swim and bike with gratitude as I think of the fun memories we shared to make the miles smoother and faster.

Kathy E for spending 3 hrs at Santa Cruz with me
Jenn K for SFO marathon inspiration
Tim W for Ultimate at 4pm on Sunday and his patience in running with legs who had already run 26 miles.
Ian & Kim H for spending a whole Saturday at Santa Cruz while I did a 6hr swim and they fed me bananas and water just like the Freda Dover folks except this time I got mental nourishment too.
Awesome Suzie D of DOlphin and SOuth End who observed my 6hr in Aquatic Park.

Kim F who did a night ultimate and my 10 km swim with me & lent me gear and who introduced the Brevet concept to me and offered to collect me on my return.

Tina W for my Alpine creek ride and dinner and taking me to Airport.

There are many more but I am indebted to the above.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Official Finish for RAAM: 9:15am EDT!

Erin: Michele rode into the finish at 9:15am EDT this morning. She has been through every weather imaginable and every form of road possible. Michele has completed her goal and did it with the highest amount of strength and positivity. She is one amazing woman and athlete; this was a tough race, but her preparations helped her race so well. Michele's crew did a wonderful job of supporting her and being with her every step of the way. The crew plays many roles throughout the race: sports therapist, emotional support, navigator, bike repair, driver, and most of all the crew that keeps her safe. She has come all the way across the country in record time, and all the support from her crew and all the friends and family rooting for her has kept her positive and energetic throughout the race. Let's see what's next for Michele and thank you for supporting her through this journey!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Annapolis is closer than ever

Erin: Michele started climbing through the Appalachians last night and did awesome despite the fog and rain. She was able to take some time to sleep and was pschyed to get back on the bike. She is pedaling fast and strong today. Michele is about ready to get to that harbor. Through the desert, Rockies, plains, Appalachians, heat, humdity, rain, wind, hail, and fog...Michele has made it this far with strength and support. Her journey to the east coast is almost over; she has proven to be a strong-willed and prepared athlete. Michele has done what she needed to prep herself for the obstacles she has raced through. Her crew has been amazing and very supportive of her goal to finish the race. We shall see her coming through the finish by early Monday morning, if not sooner. KEEP PEDALING!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the last 500 miles!

Erin: Michele is in the last stretch of the race with less than 500 miles to go. She is in need of a good night's sleep, but she is pushing herself to finish the race as fast as she can. Soon, she will be entering another huge climb through the Applalachian mountains. Michele is excited to start another large climb and is prepared to fly through the mountains. She is a strong rider and is ready to get to the finish. These last miles are the hardest, but she is doing very well. Her energy level is high and the crew is with her 120% to get her to the finish.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Erin: Michele is battling another day filled with heat and humdity as she rides through Ohio today. As of this morning, about 11:30 EDT, she was on her way to Oxford, Ohio. She has gotten more rest and is keeping up with a healthy food regimen which is keeping her energized and positive throughout this entire race. I seem to get the same message everyday, that says that Michele is doing really well and riding strong. Michele is definitely a very strong rider and has prepared herself tremendously for this event. I know that we are all very excited to see her make the finish in Annapolis.

I have been asked when the the Building Futures Now team had passed and I have been notified that they passed Michele on Thursday in the early morning. Michele happened to be sleeping at the time they had passed. I should have more updates either later this evening or tomorrow for everyone. GO MICHELE!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ilinois and Indiana

Erin: Michele has caught up on some sleep so she could ride strong and fast today. She road through Illinois and is going through Indiana. It started to heat up a bit, but she is still pedaling fast and strong. She only has a few more days til she reaches Annapolis. Michele is doing what she came here to do and she is doing it with a lot of strength. I don't have too many details on today's going, but I do know that she has a constant of riding strong and being positive. Michele is making this experience amazing for herself and her crew. Keep pedaling; GO MICHELE!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Made the 2nd Cut off at Missippi River!!

Erin: Hello all, I know I am late getting a blog up and I do apologize. All of you are great readers and supporters of Michele and I know she is very much appreciative. Anyways, Michele reached the 2nd cut off for the race this afternoon (EDT) and has less than 1000 miles to the finish in Annapolis, MD. She is riding stronger than ever and is really moving fast to get to the finish. Michelle is doing her job riding and doing what she loves. She is currently riding through Illinois and is well on her way to an amazing finish. I know I am speaking on behalf of Michele and all of her followers when I say how thankful we are for her crew. They are doing the best job of keeping our favorite rider safe, healthy, and keeping her motivated and encouraged to do ride her best. Keep checking the RAAM site to see her mileage and timing:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On the way to Missouri

Erin: I meant to post this the other day, but totally forgot I had this picture. Michele is just about ready to leave Kansas. She has one last time station at ft. scott, Kansas and then its 66.4 miles to the next time station in weaubleau, MO. Her crew says she had a great day yesterday, but the crew was confused with some of the detour information from race HQ. She is spending more time on the bike and less time resting, but is managing well with her awesome crew. Michele is continuously in good spirits, while smiling and laughing while she is riding. GO MICHELE!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Erin: Michele rode into Kansas yesterday afternoon and dealt with more clouds and rain. She was in good spirits yesterday and riding strong. Michele was using a back up bike yesterday due to her favorite bike having a few mechanical issues. Chris was able to get Michele's favorite bike back on track. Around 8:24am EDT, Michele was heading to Pratt, Kansas which marks the halfway point in the race. Her crew says she is pedaling strong and steady. They didn't run into any severe weather last night, but it is humid and drizzling. Now that Michele has her favorite bike fized, she is a happy rider. GO MICHELE!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Out of the Rockies & into the Plains

Erin: Michele was riding through a bad cell phone reception area for quite a while, so I couldn't get you all updates. Michele went through some bad weather with cold temperatures with rain and hail. She was frustrated with the bad weather, but now she is out of the mountains and into the plains. She has less than 20 miles now and she will be in Walsh, CO. The crew says she is feeling very strong today and I'm sure she is happy to be away from the bad weather. They hope to be into Kansas by midnight.

She is headed for the next cut off, which is in west alton, MO at the Missippi river. I should be back with more later on today.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cold Temps Last Night

Erin: Yesterday Michele made the cut off at Durango by 12:15pm EDT with 18 hours to spare. I didn't receive many updates, because cell phone serice was slim to none. When Michele reached Pagosa Springs, CO, they stopped for a shower and a short rest. By 11pm EDT on Friday, Michele was back on the bike and headed for Wolf Creek Pass with temps forecasted with lows of 32 degrees. Rain and storms were possible or even a little snow was in the forecast.

Michele is still riding strong and making her way into the the last 2000 miles.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Almost at the First Cut Off

Erin: I have finally got some details on what has been going on out there. Michele had a really good day yesterday through Monument Valley, Utah; she was going real fast. Yesterday she was able to complete 300 miles in under 24 hours, so she's definitely rockin' it out there.

She is about 23 miles away from the first cut off in Durango, CO. Right now, Michele is climbing through the Rockies and jammin' to her ipod. She has experienced a little leg discomfort as can be expected, but its nothing too unusual. Her crew has kept her hydrated and full of calories. Michele is doing really well and is well on her way to Annapolis.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Erin: I have been sent this photo to be posted on here. Apparently, Lance has some birthday wishes to our racer! I don't have anymore updates of Michele as of right now. The must be keeping busy, busy, busy. I'm trying to get some details as quickly as possible. Look out for another blog later this evening. GO MICHELE! Check out for the race statistics.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 2: RAAM 2010

Erin: Michele has been doing awesome today! She rode 100 miles without any breaks. She had to face the Yarnell grade earlier and as said from her crew chief, Sara: "She powered up Yarnell grade like it was just a little speed bump". She is a bit low on her caloric intake, but plans to adjust to more food intake. She has only slept a total of 30 mins, but seems to still have tons of energy.

6:50 EDT, I have been updated that she is approximately 30 miles away from time station #7 in Prescott, AZ. Michele is racing like none other and has really shown how well she has prepared herself. Keep checking for more updates!

Completed: 250 miles in 14.5 hours.

Erin: So I have received a long email with details on Michele's overnight status. As soon as it got dark, the follow van enters a direct follow to keep Michele safe while riding at night. After entering the desert Michele was a bit nauseas for about 2 hours, but the crew switched up her nutrition which did just the trick. Her crew chief says that Michele is really thinking strategy and planning ahead for what she needs from her crew.

The crew is beginning to get into a routine that fits Michele best. She is using great communication with her crew, and the crew is getting her everything she needs. Michele past time station 3 with a few minutes after 4am EDT. After that she shortly entered into Arizona. She completed 250 miles in approximately 14.5 hours, while spending less than 10 mins off the bike. She is constantly riding strong and she has a great crew with her. Keep pedaling Michele!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Erin: Today has been the official start to the 2010 RAAM race. Michele started the race at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time (12pm PDT). The race will be on eastern time for the entire race. For the first 20 miles of the race, Michele was not supported with the crew. The crew has a follow van set up after the 20 miles and begins following her once she passes the van.

I received note at 6:53 EDT, that Michele just recently went through her first time station in Lake Henshaw. We all know she is racing strong and her crew is making sure she eats accordingly and takes breaks when she needs them. I should keep getting updates throughout the evening.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Prep Day

Erin: Today has been the last day to prep for tomorrow's official start to the RAAM 2010 race. Michele and her crew have attended informational meetings designated for the crew and the racer. All of these meetings discuss rider safety, where they talk about how some roads can become narrow and somewhat dangerous. Michele's crew decided that the entire team would greatly benefit from attending the meetings together. Her crew chief, Sara has pulled together an amazing group of people to be apart of Michele's crew; They are doing everything in their power to ensure that Michele has a safe and utterly successful race. Rider safety is the highest of priority throughout these long and intense races; Sara and the rest of the crew have assisted Michele in gathering all supplies and equipment needed to get her to the finish line.

Michele is pumped up and ready to get on the bike and start pedaling. She has a top of the line crew, equipped with two sports-massage therapists to ensure her body stays strong the entire race. Let's all wish her the best of luck and hope she reaches the goal she has set for herself. GO MICHELE!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

sat 6/5/10 FUN:) Prep day in now SUNNY,CA

In Danville,CA & the sun is shining and the laughter plenty. Sorting & Packing at Pia & Chris's gorgeous huge place. Gr8 Barbeque last night, cinnamon apples and french toast this am. Yummy chicken salad - homemade of course and veges for lunch. I have even had a great massage and half hour ride this am and plan to be on rollers this pm. YES MY TEAM ROCKS!!! I plan to rock the pedals all the way this time to say thanks to my 09 and 10 teams.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Great Barbeque & gr8 laughs

WOW!!! Relaxed, calm wisdom with a lot of laughter and stories from adventures. What a team from Home Base Redwood City to Chris and Pia's new home base in Danville where we arrived safely with our 2 2010 vans at 4pm to a wonderful garden setting. The best barbeque I have had in years!!!! and that is no exaggeration!!!! My stomach and heart are really full of gratitude and peace.

Thanks to Erin who is also being a huge part of the team with updates. Photos will come tomorrow PST as Sara is keeping the East Coast crew up with rules of the road. I have a feeling it is going to be a gooood goood night by Black Eyed Peas. We are now chasing the Blue Crabs of Virginia which is there local delicacy. Lots of love & appreciation to all Michele

Only a Few Days Left Til The Race Begins

Erin: I am the daughter of Michele's Raam 2010 Crew Chief, Sara and will be keeping everyone up to date on what is going on throughout the entire course of the race. Now the race doesn't begin until Tuesday, June 8th at 12pm PDT, but the entire crew has flown into San Francisco to help gather all supplies needed for the upcoming race. Sara, Champe, Karen, and Alex flew in early in the afternoon to meet up with Michele to load up all of the supplies and equipment needed. Not too long ago, they all headed out to Chris' house to meet him and Pia (other two crew members) out in the San Francisco East Bay.

Today is just the start of the entire team coming together to finish up last minute details on the race and make sure Michele is pumped up and excited to race. The entire crew is making sure that they have everything they need from bike parts to an extra pair of clean socks. Michele has done just what she's needed to do to train and prepare herself for Raam 2010. I'll keep everyone updated daily on the few days before the race, and will be posting many detailed updates once the race begins. Have a good weekend and check back for more information.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


WOW!! Raam 2010 is here. Time seems to have become a blurr and I am not even sleep deprived yet.
Gratitude to all those that have encouraged, supported and assisted me to getting to this point of attempting Raam 2010. The plan is to put a big FULL STOP in Anapolis on June 21 by 06h00AM PST and to celebrate Sunday 27 June in the evening. Watch this space for details and updates which will also be linked to my facebook page.

My prep has included: Brevets: 300km, 2 x 400km, 1000km- Double Centuries: Butterfield, Mullholland, Solvang, Devil Mountain Double (with Stage 2 Amgen Breakaway century the next day) & Davis double. Multiple centuries and chase group/time trial rides during the week with few velodrome sessions for a little sharpening to keep me peddaling. I also trust all the wonderful memories of continuing my ride solo and unsupported last year will fuel my legs to pedal through this amazing country for one more time: The statues of Monument valley, mile markers of the rockies, rollers of Kansas with it heat and wind, the picturesque houses of Missouri, the Rollercoaster Ozarks and the Appalachians with the never appearing summits but long twisty descents and then the BIG BLUE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The plan is to make this a complaint free ride as I found a wrist band with it on. I will be riding my Orbea and Sycip with the Selle Anatomica saddles. A triple cassette on my Sycip and a compact on My Orbea. The plan is to ride 250 miles a day and to get out of CA before dawn on Wed 9 June. I then hope to go on a 05h0 to 01h00 sleep schedule. I have 3 massage therapists and 2 very capable bike gurus on my team.
I will be riding miles for the kids that I work with and all children who so valiantly overcome the horrendous challenges and obstacles that childhood cancer throws at them. I have many songs from the children and colleagues that I work with that I will be using for motivation.

Thanks again to all who view this and send their support. I hope to upload photos of my incredibly well qualified team soon. The arrive tomorrow at SFO, 2 are on the East Bay.

Lots of love- Michele- Milipede(= Shongololo in SA- many legs to get me to my destination)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crew desired for 6/6- 20, 2010 CA - MD

Hi All

Please forward this to anyone who may be interested.
I am attempting Raam solo again but am required to have 6 crew for support.

My solo ride across america taught me a huge amount that I want to put into practise in 2010. My ride was a privelege that I would not have been able to enjoy had I got to Anapolis this year. I learned that I can ride in the snow even if it be cautiously. That I dont go as fast on my own as when I am against a clock.

Kentucky was the one state I call wildly wonderful that I did in October. November I cycled with my triathlon Team Sheeper from Palo Alto to San Diego and used my one long weekend chance per month hence completing in December in Yorktown and having snow and a friend to meet me.
Thanks to each follower of this blog for all your support.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

learning process

I will try to find a way to upload all my trans america photos in a more easy to view and compact way. Please e mail me if you would like to see specific photos. Thanks again especially to Mr WOnderful David Bradley and Anthony GIlbert for their continued support.

yorktown,VA 08h00 12/8/09

Yes I arrived in Yorktown for the most beautiful sunrise. I am speechless.
I arrived in Williamsburg on a very cold and dark Monday night. I stayed there so I could enjoy my finale ride on Colonel Parkway to Yorktown. I was greeted by an ice free beautiful morning.
As is my custom I paused to take a photo of the welcome sign. WHile getting my bike situated as proof for my shot, the local sherrif stopped & offered to take my picture.

Lots of stories will get posted in the days to come. Meanwhile here are some photos. Please enjoy. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for each person's support on this great adventure. It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carbondale,Ill 9/15


Again back to normality. Imiss the challenges of the oppen rd. Well 2.5 states left. I had an awsome time cycling through the ozark mountains. My accomodation varied from a motel room that I was worried about drinking the water to staying in a 5 star pheasant hunting lodge where labs and retrievers were bred. This was 2 miles on a dirt rd outside Everton a very small town with a small gen store that I did not see on the main st or gas stn. In farmington I stayed in the newly renovated Jail house with another adventure cyclist I met on the way. We had chinese for dinner that was close to awful.
I flew out of +St Louis airport,mo at 7am and was home cycling with a friend by noon. Again I was blessed with incredible weather and angels going before me. My rear shifter broke on Monday morning outside of farmington but I told myself as long as I could pedal to keep doing so. Hence My bike is sleeping at Carbondale cycle shop as I got in there as they were closing.

I had a lot of fun and fear crossing the Missisippi on a narrow 2 lane bridge waving so all including the 18 wheelers would see me.

Thanks for all who are reading this


Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11- pittsburg,KS

Hi All

Sorry for the break in comms. I had to go back to work after last entry. I flew to Wichita, Kansas yesterday where Becky collected me and returned me to my bike in Eureka. Cycled 60 miles into Chanute. Stayed in $30 motel the other side of town. More rundown than a youth hostel but clean. My title states which library this is being typed from. I hope to get to Marshfield, Mo another 90 miles from here by tonight. I did 10 x 2 min int as per john howard suggestions of getting hr to 155 -160ie 86% of max 220-40.. I will be back at work wed 15 sept and hope to continue on OCt 17. I will try to keep updates. Keep smiling Michele