2020 Year of Trans-tri--tion

This is the start to my year of trans- tri- ition.  What is trans- tri- ition?
Well in May 2020, tha plan is for me to start a 28 day triathlon across the USA called/google
Tri- means three.  In August, September and October - I am due to attempt the Triple Crown of 200 mile trail runs. Each one has a 100 hour time cap. Google Grandslam  The events take place in Washington State, Lake Tahoe, California and Moab, Utah.
I will have a spot tracker for all the events for you to follow.
I am in the process of organizing a way so people can choose to use the above exploits to donate to their chosen charity or
Ition - Well I am turning 50 in June and I am determined to make my Fifties stronger, fitter and more fabulous as I grow in using Bible based principles and concepts as my guide in all the above and future events.
More to come.... Stay tuned and please leave a comment if you see this post

Jubilant July 2017 Update – Fueled by NBH, Friends and Teammates

My July BLOG – Fueled by NBH, Friends and Teammates Wow what a month of fun, victory & gratitude!!  Another semester of eight weeks of exams complete & thankful for an A grade of 98% for my introduction to pharmacology.  Physical training ramped up with three days of four runs followed by a fabulous 750-mile bike ride from Davis to Oregon Border and back with my confidence booster Kim Freitas. The heat was good training for keeping hydrated and nourished. The stars were bright and the nights made fun by riding with new friends from other states and warm welcomes at the check points. The month culminated with me beating my personal best Ironman time of 12h30 in 2007 with a remarkable 11h59.  A big shout out to Felipe at Sports Basement Sunnyvale for his expertise, wisdom & help in dialing in my bike fit to maximize my performance in both events.  
Now for the analysis of what caused the significant changes and the remaining areas of focus to get to THE “Kona IM”.   Grateful t…

Epic Year Dawning June 2017

JUNE 2017

The eve of a new year of living in gratitude for great opportunities and people to support my adventures big and small.

If you are reading this post then you are wanting to follow my JOURNEY of training for two big events before my Fall grad school semester.  Yes, the next 10 weeks should be a fun adventure of training and mostly a whole food, plant based diet.

Yay for finally getting closer to 100% whole food, plant based diet.  I am super thankful for my tri coach who started my mental transition.  Others have fuelled the journey and include NoMeatAthlete who are honest about their own evolution in this type of lifestyle. Small changes make lasting habits easier.

Training for what? Two events - why - Because I can and because I am on vacation for most of August from grad school and teaching, so time to play.

Beginning of August sees a trip to Canada for the Canada 520 km which is based on Ultraman Canada- a three day stage event from Saturday 5 August to Monday 7 August i…

2013 Newsletter Summary

Hi ALL WOnderful Friends

Please let me know if you want to receive my 2013 Newsletter. I don't know how to attach it here.  Patch Adams in Virginia 01/01/2014 , UMKC - Phd, Two of my best neighborhood buddies, & my best work buddies with me in Hawaii.  ALpine training for UTMB in France and my patio flowers from a close friend.

HAPPY AWESOME 2014 to all.

Post Deca Difference Report

WoW Followers

8 Weeks later and I am only just starting to digest the many lessons and experiences of my Deca Iron attempt in June this year. Thankfully my wonderful tri coach warned me to take it easy until end of July. Further advice was given to me after 4 weeks by an experienced Deca triathlete that it would take at least to mid August. This was not what I wanted to hear as I had plans for Mount Tam double. My body and mind was thrilled.

There is so much to write it may take a few different attempts. Feel free to e mail me for further specific questions that may not get answered here.

Logistics: Website: has plenty of photos
Location:  SOuthern England outside Bournemouth on an Activity center.
Terrain: Swim: Lake 13 laps. Fatigue is an interesting feature how it exacerbates hypothermia making you want to wear 3 layers of clothing under a wetsuit. This is what all the experienced deca racers advised.
Time: Daily 06h00 am start, 22 hour cut off for this particular even…

DecaI Ironman Difference 2012

Hi followers and Friends

I am off to my next great adventure for 2012 in 48 hrs. Thanks to so many for making it possible. Thanks to ROcktape for being such a generous and enthusiastic sponsor, I look forward to some fun performance taping and victories. 

This is a ten day event with a choice of ten charities that friends and followers can donate to. If  you dont want to donate money you can swim 2.4 miles each day for ten days or run for ten days in a row or you could even do ten cycling spin sessions, one per day.

Here are the links to the charities. Thanks to my friend Tanja who is helping me formalise my events to benefit charities across the globe.

Support me in my bid to complete the Deca-Ironman by contributing to one of these 10 charities. Help  make a 'deca-difference' in the lives of children around the world! (Please note 'Santilhano' on the donation site if possible.) United States:
Lucille Packard Children's Hospital Foundation -…

Enduroman DecaIronman 10 x 10 -2012

Here is the start to my 2012 blog for my ten ironman distance triathlons to take place from 1 -10 June 2012 in the New Forest National Park in SW ENgland, UK. Google YOu will find pictures of my 2011 Arch to Arc triathlon that I did 36 hrs after my 750 mile Paris Brest Paris bike ride. I am the 9th person and 2nd female to have ever completed solo Arch to Arc.

Why am I starting my blog today: Because my list of people that I am so appreciative has started to the poin that I must express this gratitude. Pictures will be updated as soon as I learn the skills or someone offers to help.
Firstly I would not be doing this had I not been part of a fabulous triathlon team in Menlo Park,CA championed by founder and Coach Tim Sheeper. He has provided a program of base training for all the previous adventures mentioned.

Some may know that my neck got severly locked at work recently. I debated going to ED as the only mobility I had was forward so I felt safe I did not have a major com…